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The buyers are purchasing our services posted on the website in the name of proposals or gigs. Once they come, they make a significant choice to satisfy their needs/ current job they have and the start communicate with the freelancer and once they agree on the terms of work, the freelancer start working. 

To start communicating the buyer will click on the "message me" button and then start chatting. However if the proposal service is given through video tutorials/video chat, the buyer will start setting up the number of minutes to chat with the freelancer and after payment they agree on the terms of schedules: date and time to be present for video tutorials. 

In addition to that, the buyer may come with independent/particular project/job to search for who will do his job perfectly. he/she get registered of course and then under his/her profile, he/she clicks on the "Requests" button and then after to "Post a Request" button. In that way the buyer will setup the project title, project description, the attached file for more information, The preferred delivery time, and the estimated budget for the job and post to the website . At the end the freelancers of the job domain start bidding to the buyer's project and the buyer will make a selection of who will do his/her job/work with respect of the agreed budget and the terms of work.

If you have any problem you can contact us on whatsapp: +250788270457

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